Who is Orit?

about orit- imageOrit Rehany is a profound, passionate, loving and powerful teacher. She is a memorable speaker, author, educator and fearless leader. Her mission is helping others remove negativity from their lives, overcome their adversities and know that there is always hope after a storm.  Orit invites you to journey with her to a place where love comes first, history is heritage and joy ultimately comes in the morning. (Learn More About Orit)

Orit’s message

Orit’s message is to empower people to breakthrough their own self-imposed boundaries to feel free to create a vital attitude shift, drive them to action and FEARLESSLY re-identify opportunities to rebuild their passion and purpose.

What does Orit believe?

Through her unique teaching experience, Orit has inspired and encouraged hundreds of people to overcome obstacles, build confindence and to find faith and freedom, depite insurmountable odds through her one on one mentoring, guest speaking, books, training courses, and cultural events. When you hear her story, you will never forget her.

Orit knows that history is more than just words in a textbook, it’s a living legacy that defines who you are today because of how it defined generations and geography.

It was through her personal life experience of being born in Iraq, fleeing to Israel, relocating to Canada and ultimately the U.S., that she has come to understand that a River of Tears can always be turned into a River of Hope.

For more information on The River of Tears, River of Hope,  Click Here


What does Orit do?

If you have ever wondered how history impacts and affects your life today then Orit’s course, The Middle East Everything is for you!  People, culture and food all come together to create one unforgettable experience. See, hear and taste of the land that is rich in culture and rife with stories of heroism, tragedy and triumph.  (Click here for more on The Middle East Everything)



Feeling like your current journey is on a dark road that will never end? You’re not alone, and you can find hope and healing. Join Orit and her dynamic guest speakers in Orit’s Fearless Leader teleseminar series.  You will hear a common theme of overcoming obstacles and finding faith and freedom, despite insurmountable odds that will encourage and inspire you.  (Click here for more information on the Fearless Leader series)